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Grub Handler: Nepeta Leijon
"Mew~! Mew!" You yelled as the Grub, known as Nepeta, jumped at your face. She squeaked as you pried her off of your face. "Geez..." You stared at Nepeta, who looked back at you with wide, olive eyes. Your eyebrow twitched, as you tried not to squeal. She tilted her ehad to the side, making a sound between a squeal and meow. 'That's it...' You broke. "Aaawww~!" You started cuddling Nepeta, making her squeal and meow in delight. "You are so CUTE~!" Nepeta licked your cheek. 'Her tongue IS like a cat's!' You had always wondered. You put her down on the couch. She made a giggling sound as she jumped on the cushion. Your phone buzzed, making you both jump. The phone started buzzing more. Nepeta screeched and cowered behind you, clearly afraid of the phone. "Don't worry..." You picked up the phone. 'Good thing I downloaded Pesterchum onto my phone.' (A/N: I really did. XD)
--centaursTesticle [CT] began Trolling [chumHandle] [C/H]--
CT: D--> [Name], are you and Nepeta ready to come over?
:icondanuavalonartemis:DanuAvalonArtemis 195 63
Handmade gifts- Horuss x Reader (Request)
(Warning: Very slight language)
Horuss’s wriggling day had been looming closer and closer, and you could honestly only pray that you’d get his gift finished in time. Sure, you could have just gone and brought him something, but…it…it just didn’t feel right to, not after how close you’d gotten with him after his breakup with Rufioh.
You were nearly always with him now, either watching him build this or that, or just talking about anything and everything. He was very interested in earth and its feats- it’s ‘musclebeasts’ to be more precise, and he would pester you for hours to retell even the simplest story involving them.
You didn’t mind in the least, but it was hard to keep up with his seemingly never tiring form sometimes.
If you weren’t crushing hard on the troll, you would have mistaken yourself for his moirail at this point- as many others had before.
Now, back to your gift.
:iconsakura-days:sakura-days 78 4
You Guide Me When I'm Lost Ch.7 [Horuss x Reader]
Contrary to your prediction, Meulin did not visit you for the sole purpose of yelling at you and telling you off.
Though she did that as well.
She told you that you and her moirail were one of her OTPs, but he had a matesprit who he loved a lot, and you couldn’t just break his heart like that. She told you that she knew for a fact that he had something of a crush on you, but that was just not something you could do to a crush.
Though she did start out angrily, shouting a bit, when she watched your shrunken form and the tears constantly rushing down your cheeks, she realised how much this had hurt you. She calmed you down, telling you these things softly, well, for her, and politely. She hugged you, and pet your head.
How could you screw up your afterlife so bad? For you, your crush, and everyone else involved?
God, you were lucky you had Meulin, who else would be so kind, when everyone else saw you as a malicious slut? Maybe they thought you were just like Damara?
Your clo
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